Education Kills! Series 1.

Posted: April 17, 2011 in Uncategorized

Wow thats a good title to this amazing topic. Am sorry its been a long time I blogged on this platform. Maybe the auction just came(actually I guess its Laziness but really I feel much passion in writing this).
I had this education art work hung on my the wall of our ‘parlour’ (you know how we say it in those days) and really I crammed it all through. The first few words read: education kills the disease of…

Still suspense filled?

Lol, Ok let me take us through the full words and please see how powerful it is.

Education Kills the Disease of ignorance Superstition fear and poverty.

Don’t give up studies. Aspire to the Zenith.

Bag the certificates FIRST then the enviable jobs later.

Abraham Lincoln once said, “I will study and wait and the opportunity will come”.

Francis Bacon summarized the need for education in these words, “Knowledge is Power”.

So please, no kidding with studies. Come off the bias today!

what an amazing brief. I love it and reading it again now, I feel like its what I need to fix.

Nigeria has to fix her educational need and people call it the brain drain but I still chose to call it the most requirement for Nigeria’s Development.

Education is not really the class thing but majorly how people give themselves to self-development. Self development has been the key to great economies globally. How class-full will you explain Chinese youths who are so skilled in building up themselves. They keep amazing me on how they change their economy all with their Skills and Potentials.

Nigeria on the other hand has potentials but I look beyond to see how most of us can translate our potentials to Kinetics. Suffice to say that some young people have definitely been able to leave pass potentials adding it up with kinetics to give the desirable work-done.

This brings me to potentials and Kinetics. We all are aware about potentials and definitely know how to discover (though may not be able to identify it fully, but it comes in bits.. ‘poco a poco’) but I want to major on Kinetics.

In Physics, Potential energy + Kinetic energy = Workdone.

We have potentials, how do we identify the Kinetics to produce the Work-done.

Kinetics implies movement, push, motion. What gives a potential a Motion or movement. In China, kinetics is presently availability of Power and good government policy that can keep a vision sustainable and real. However, demographically in Nigeria, Kinetics is Connection/ network/ opportunity. ‘selah’

Watch out for series II.

Dedicated to the Young people who are ready to participate in the Warri TENT Program by PINigeria.
The New Path.

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